Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dispense private prescriptions?

If you have a valid private prescription then yes we can dispense private prescriptions.

I need advice from the pharmacist, can I just walk in?

Yes, you can walk in and ask for advice that a pharmacist can offer.

Can you get me an appointment at the GP surgery and bypass any waiting or triage?

No. However, we work closely with the local GP surgery, and if this is your surgery we may be able to get advice directly from them for you.

If the GP tells me to come to you, will you just send me back to the GP?

If patients are referred via the GP to the Community Pharmacy Consultation Scheme (CPCS) then any prescribing for that should be done by the Pharmacy or you should be sent to another pharmacy that can, and not sent back to your GP. We will always try to offer advice or treatment to the patient without referring back to the GP unless it is necessary. We currently are not participating in the CPCS.